Monday, January 30, 2017

EIGRP Overview

EIGRP Overview

EIGRP (Relevant) Tables
  • Neighbor Table - Directly connected routers -  show ip eigrp neighbors 
  • Topology Table - Successor / Feasible Successor Routes -  show ip eigrp topology {all-links}
  • Routing Table   - The best routes from the topology table -  show ip route {eigrp}

Adjacency Terminology
  • Hello - Forms Relationships 
  • Update - Sends updates 
  • Query - Asks about Routes 
  • Reply - Responce to Query 
  • Ack - Acknowledges the update, query, and reply messages.
  • SIA (Stuck-in-Active) - This is bad... Waiting for Query to see if any router knows the network route.
    • Here is a crappy GIF I made to make things more clear.

Routing Terminology
  • Advertised Distance (AD) - The distance the neighbor has listed for a network.
  • Feasible Distance (FD) - The AD + the cost of the interface.
  • Successor - The route that has the lowest FD.
  • Feasible Successor - The routes with a lower FD than the Successor.
    • Note: To be considered a Feasible Successor, the AD must be less than the FD of the successor. This is called the Feasibility Condition.
  • Active Route - The route is down and you are actively trying to find a route for that network.
  • Passive Route - There is no activity on the route to the network.

My First Post

I am going to use this site as a blog of my adventure of being a Network Engineer. I am creating this blog to keep all of my notes in one place.

I am currently working on my CCNP Route exam and I am sure my first few posts will start down that path. I already have quite a few notes to upload to this so hopefully everyone enjoys this content.

I am also going to put notes from everyday random networking that I run into. I try to include some type of config when possible but it might take a little to figure out what I am doing.

Thanks for reading,